Thursday, September 11, 2008


You know what's super depressing? Don't worry, I'll tell you! The constant "dumbing down" of America. Somehow "stupid" has come to mean "authentic" or "down-to-earth." Guess what? Simple doesn't mean the same thing as simpleton.

Here's proof of our downward spiral...

George W. Bush's 2 term presidency
Sarah Palin
The Franklin Institute having a name change to "The Franklin"


The comic genius Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon played the great, great character of MInnie Pearl, "pure county." Minnie Pearl wasn't stupid and neither was Sarah Ophelia Cannon. When asked about the popularity of Hee Haw, Ms. Cannon explained that it took viewers to a place where there was "no war, no cancer."

Sarah Cannon survived breast cancer, and had a double mastectomy. She became a spokesperson for the medical center in Nashville where she had been treated and somewhat for cancer survivors in general. She took on this role as herself, Sarah Ophelia Cannon, not desiring the "Minnie Pearl" character to be associated with such misfortune, although a nonprofit group, the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation, has been founded in her memory to help fund cancer research.

Sometimes we need the real person and sometimes the character. With Minnie Pearl we needed both! It's an act that George Bush plays as the "regular guy," but it's no act that he's a total fucking moron. We just need him to be impeached now.

Sarah Cannon: Genius

Seriously, I love Cousin Minnie so much.
george bush_3407 web
George W. Bush: Idiot

This asshole needs to be impeached and thrown in jail.


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Amen sistah!!!

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Hey Zoe.

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