Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are you kidding me with this canceling the debates bullshit?

Do you think that McCain canceling Friday's debate, or attempting to cancel it, will result in a complete cancellation of the vice presidential debates?


Unknown said...

Yes Virginia, there is a Satan Claus. Of course I believe it. After stolen elections, the collapse of the Savings and Loan system, a bogus war in Iraq, saber rattling all over the globe, the current financial crisis and the Culture of Lies surrounding the McCain/Palin campaign, anything is believable from these freaking greedheads.
I really wish Hunter S. Thompson had stuck around to howl at this abomination.

The Capt'n said...

Dagger, eventually the empire has to fall, and I think right now it's running up on us really fast. (I'm commenting on armageddon.) When I get really down, I just think, well, we have to hit bottom, and in our case it will be ugly and harsh, and hopefully we won't take half the world down the toilet with us. But then, after that, maybe it will be a relief to start being a regular country, and not the boss of the world, like in the case of England. Maybe then we can a) mind our own business, and b) take better care of ourselves.
Deep down I think that the psychos in charge now, and the psychos who follow the Friedman/Chicago School of economic theory, and the Reaganomics psychos at the beginning of this particular cycle, I think these types have been working to dismantle everything that supports the middle class and democracy itself, because they want to create an aristocracy or oligharchy here in the US. And now, as we rocket toward 2012, things actually are falling apart. They've dismantled, and we're feeling it.