Tuesday, July 22, 2008

well, nothing new really, except that I WAS JUST IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE. Oh, whatever, la la la. Holy fuck! The south of France.

OK, the downside of this trip was not being with my lady, because I like to be with her every minute and it would have been much more difficult for me if the trip was more than a week. But as it was, it was mindblowingly great. I am so appreciative of having been able to go. It was amazing.

So many different things happened there's no correct beginning. First, thanks a million to Fran├žois Saint Pierre, Le Centre de photographie de Lectoure, Olivier Nottellet, Pierre Leoutre, Lionel Loetscher, Nathalie, Aurore and all who helped with the installation of my work and all who helped with translation. Thanks to all the incredible volunteers.

It was a 3 part installation in Lectoure; pushpin installation and projection in the "hall" and photos in the shop windows along the main drag in Lectoure, National St, "rue Nationale."

madame sentat_9682 web

Oh, here's my friend Madame Sentat. This lady was so great and so funny that I could have spent all day, every day, with her even though I can't speak a word of French. Francois told me that he lived in Lectoure and had been away for years and when he came back, she was exactly the same and the shop was exactly the same. And in her shop she had boxes from the 50s and 60s stacked up, containing the original shoes. It was unbelievable.


The cigarette/toy/sundry items shop wanted Daddy Tattoo for their window and wanted to know the story behind it. But the woman who owns the shop chose this photo of out of about the 30 photos I picked for the shop keepers to chose from before she heard the story. She loved the photo based on the image alone. Can you imagine how much my mind was blown when this woman fully got this photo and didn't she doesn't speak any English? And that she wanted to hang it in her store window in a small town in France? I was genuinely shocked. I needed a translator to tell her about this image, and that it's one of the few where there's a longer story about the photo. She was very into it and a had a lot of things to say, one of which was how perfect it was to hang the photo amid the toy planes they had hanging in the window.

le vitrine dan la rue_0030 web

le vitrine dan la rue_0036 planes web


Here's the main crop around Lectoure. You are correct if you are noting that the main crop is SUNFLOWERS. Everyday, I was like, "this has got to be a joke." Oh no, this was real.

sunflowers_0394 web

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ruben said...

Wow Zoe!
How fortunate I am of having the Daddy tattoo image!

Every day I look at it, is right above my bedroom dresser. It so interesting to see how an image becomes an icon of your work and now is travelling around the world.Keep the journey going.

I knew this from the first time I saw it.
You rock !