Friday, June 20, 2008


paris in jail

swastika 5 web

Here's an example of why I'm so out of my mind with the book.

The two photos above should go in the book. "Paris in Jail" isn't one that I consider one of my strongest photos. And because I haven't given a lot of thought to it, I haven't really nailed a place where it belongs in the syntax. I need to make sure the meaning of the text remains open no matter where I put it. "Swastikas" should also go in but, again, where the photo is placed influences how the image of this guy is read, and I really don't want to bracket his photo with images that make him appear menacing. I'd like to position his portrait to elicit little more identification with him, as difficult as that may be. I originally had "Paris in Jail" and "Swastikas" facing each other, but LB thought it could be immediately read as "this guy's been in jail" and I wanted the immediate 1940 Paris occupied WWII reference right alongside our revision of history and our outright absence of history. Of course LB is right, and I moved "Paris in Jail" to the preceding page, so that the photos are still next to each other in sequence but on different pages. That's what I've done with every photo... tried to work out every reading and tangential connection among the images, from front to back and back to front.

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