Sunday, June 08, 2008

Also, we almost drove off a cliff in the Hollywood Hills.  For real.  We were just having a quick ride and checking out the view and the houses and came to a dead end that's where you could roll off a cliff. ARE YOU PEOPLE WHO LIVE UP THERE OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS? Seriously, the insanity of the hills is beyond the beyond.  Why do you live in billion dollar houses on the edge of a cliff?  Are you CRAZY????

This was all news to me... you know the news about super rich people's complete mental illness. I mean, you hear about it but how can you know about the lifestyles of the rich until you're up their mix? I can't help but wonder about how long it takes for someone who's not born into that money to have their sense of reality completely shift.

The homes above are not particularly extreme, they are not that high up in the hills and they're not as big as many others. Both houses are built out from the cliffs.   

This house has an outdoor space which is built on the equivalent of a stretch of an interstate highway.  What the fuck? 

This house is ringed with trees that are planted in boxes that hang down underneath the massive deck.  What?

A. who the hell has this much money?  
B. why would anyone spend their money on this? 


Heart As Arena said...

Forty Million Dollar Beatnik said...

Hi Zoe
I was laughing when I read through your LA posts, pretty funny stuff. but its not just up there in the Hills, its nutty all over, where there are steep uncompromising hillsides there are homes pearched on stilts, clinging for dear life. very strange, but interesting too though, I think.
I thought I might have the good fortune of running into you in downtown at the local spot where I met Reid. I would have liked to say hello in person.
anyway, best of luck with the book!