Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm very happy with "If You Reading This." There were a number of components that went into structuring the show and I am too beat to write even somewhat coherently about any of them.

However, I'm busting out this one right now. I'll clean it up later. The photo "Bulletholes" faces the street and is in an unlit corner, although it gets plenty of light during the day. It was important for that one to face the street with the window reference and "looking at" and "looking through" and vision references and all. Plus, the reference to our endemic gun violence and our homicide rate.

While facing "bulletholes" you can see "shot appliances" in the first room and "gunshot wound" in the further room. Because of the character of the space, I wanted to connect one room to the next, not only one photo to the next which lent to placing photos not just so they would bounce off of each other, but so the whole show would pinball from one photo to the next and the rooms would be connected.

Check it out

silverstein installation bulletholes sight line 1 web.jpg

silverstein installation bulletholes 3 gray web.jpg

silverstein installation bulletholes 2 sight line 2 web.jpg

silverstein installation bulletholes 2 sight line 2 grey web.jpg

113-bulletholes 1 copy.jpg

20 shot appliances3web .jpg

gunshot 3 web

Here's one more example-

In this grouping there's a text reference and a form reference and a mirroring of the photos within this group of four, and other photos in the show.

"Venetian Blinds" is hung directly across from "Man's Back" and from across the room there's a reflection of "Venetian Blinds" in the glass on "Man's Back."

windows blown out venetian blinds3web copy
man's mans back flash .jpg

I love these 2 together in the show, but it was too much if they were in the same room.

72 giant mouth pleasures21.jpg
american face paint making out mummers web


Anonymous said...


We don't know each other, I don't have a blog, and I'm not famous on the internet or otherwise, but I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that as someone who is not too familiar with your work, I left your show invigorated and inspired.

Simply put: It was really fucking good.

It warms my heart to see real pictures about living, loving, and dying on the walls of a gallery in a neighborhood that more often than not concerns itself with little more than furthering peoples appetite to consume what is hot and new. While turning a blind eye to work more substantial, though less flashy.

I had been through those familiar blocks between 18th and 26th just last weekend, and left underwhelmed (as usual) save for a few interesting sculptures.

Seeing your show this past saturday, and Robin Rhode across the way and on 23rd, let me leave Chelsea without the all-to-common empty hole in my belly.

It feels good to eat healthy....

Thanks for serving up that realdeal good shit.

I'll keep on the lookout for you.

your efforts earn you the title of true G in the game...



ZS said...


Thanks so, so much. If you get a chance, it would be great if you could email me so I could put you on my photo of the week email list... info (at) zoestrauss (dot) com