Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Photos Included in This Year's I-95: The First of Several Hundred Posts Regarding I-95.07

dawn web.jpg

Philly fried chicken 6th st web
Philly Fried Chicken

lottery tickets 9th and snyder web
Lottery Tickets 9th and Snyder

vanessa 2_web.jpg

cell palm tree 2_1web.jpg
Cell Phone Palm Tower

two women camden 6_1_1 web.jpg
Two Women Camden

taken down posters cantrell st web
Taken Down Posters Cantrell St.

uniform city_1_1 web
Uniform City

adam and eve room 2 web
Adam and Eve Room

rims pahrump 3 web.jpg
Rims Pahrump

tvs under tarp web
Tvs Under Tarp

lion and panther on 7th st web
Lion and Panther on 7th St

renee 2 web
Renee with Clowns

food market 5_1 web
Food Market

Kathleen having a fudgesicle web
Kathleen Having a Fudgesicle

christine 2_1 web
Christine Applying Makeup

brothel museum wall with moose 1 web.jpg
Brothel Museum Wall

model 8 web

leos mantle with medications 2 web
Leo's Mantle

vikki 4 web.jpg
Vikki- Honey He Really Fuck Up

american face paint making out mummers web
American Face Paint Making Out

jack 3 working_1 web

man working at car lot 5_1 web.jpg
Man Working at Car Lot

dollar magic_2_1 web
Dollar Magic

Judge in Front of Green Paneling

uncle sam web.jpg
Uncle Sam Mummer

PA national guardsman killed in Iraq5-1web
PA Guardsmen Killed in Iraq

art showing loaded revolver_1_web copy
Art Showing Loaded Revolver

fireworks 2 web
Fireworks at Eagles Game

luck_1 web
Luck Horizon

Michael_1_1 web
Michael Jackson

gunshot 3 web

fee fee's wall w her drawings web
Phylicia's Wall

Carpet Cut Out

most we feared_1 web
Most We Feared

scraped off stickers_1 web.jpg
Scraped Off Sticker

refinery 1_2 web

monique showing black eye web
Monique Showing Black Eye

stripped van grays ferry web
Stripped Van Graysferry

in ground pool single_1 web.jpg
Inground Pool

think! 3web

camden woman pink shirt web.jpg
Camden Woman Pink Shirt

sisters_1 web
Sisters Neon Light

2 tables_1 web
2 Tables Green Wall


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